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About Us


We couldn’t find the place of our dream, so we built it ourselves!

The RingPro company was launched by a group of petrolheads. The RingPro project has a strong ambition to make You enjoy the unique atmosphere of autosport full of adrenaline, spirit of adventure and perfect driving skills. Both a beginner and a professional will be pleased with a great variety of amenities offered. The shtick is that the project was created by people who passed the long way from being an amateur to an ability of a high order. Now You are on this way too.

The Nurburgring Nordschleife is a wonderful harmony of absolutely different things. Just imagine – the background for high speeds, strong emotions and adrenaline is the terrific landscape and mild climate! Choosing the RingPro, You will surely discover all the advantages of this track.

We suggest You to choose activities to brighten your trip according to your personal wishes. Thank to it, You will cherish memories about the Nurburgring Nordschleife for the whole lifetime! If you prefer experiments, rent a sports car. Otherwise, drive Your own auto which is so tried-and-true.

We also can offer You a highly qualified instructor’s help, as well as help with installation of the sport suspension with all the subsequent process of testing your car straight on the Nurburgring race track. If that is not enough we will be glad to offer you even the excursions around the race track and the most attractive places nearby!

We know what perfect service means so that’s why we are here for You – enjoy our service from accommodation in cozy apartments just 2 minutes from the track to personal advices on driving a race car. We understand how much guarantee matter to You. And we are ready to give it.

Choose the positive emotions! Rock the Nurburgring Nordschleife!

Meet the team


Race driver/Coach
Girls can drive fast. Or at least can explain how to drive fast


Suspension GURU
Will make you faster or at least will make faster your car


Safety instructor
Will keep you and your car safe


That’s the only one person here who knows probably everything


Wanna join the team? Tell us about yourself!