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Do you want to present not just a simple gift but unforgettable impressions which will stay deep in your heart and memory? Spread your wings on a real race track and get new feelings on a very high speed! Do you want to conquer the road which is waiting for those who are not afraid of load engine’s roaring and fast wind? We are ready to help you and bring unforgettable fountain of emotions and annual margin of adrenalin! Here are gift certificates- your tickets to the world of speed! Gift certificates could be issued for any car you want and any number of laps! If you want to make your lady happy, then we have a limited collection of certificates for women only.

Each certificate has unique number. It is valid during one year since the day you bought it.

As a nice afterglow we can provide you with certificate which shows your best lap time and mileage. So it will be a good proof of your achievement during the time, spent with RingPro team!

P.S. Do you have a special occasion or celebration and want to get a certificate with unique design which was made specially for you? That is absolutely not a problem! Just let us know your preferences and we will work on a special design!


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