Coaching - RingPro


Extreme driving is a brilliant skill that requires practice. According to modern techniques, professionals’ experience and Your wishes, our company has created training courses for three different levels. We will help you to choose suitable one, considering Your current skills.

Choosing a programme, remember that each of these includes a theoretical course and accompanying right on the track. On Your personal request RingPro team can arrange cources at other famous European tracks. The conditions might be discussed in a separate order.




The Beginner programme is perfect for learning theoretical minimum and unforgettable first try on the track (4 circles (around 1 hour), 6 circles (1,5h) and 12 circles (from 2h).


If You already had an experience of driving a sportcar, You can gradually complicate the task experimenting with speed limits. The Amateur programme includes driving both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive cars that will allow You to compare the qualities of two completely different types of cars. On this level, Ring Pro offers from 12 to 50 circles, according to the pace of Your progress.


The PRO programme is the best training for those who are ready to challenge themselves and take part in the championship! You will have several non-stop driving sessions, going through the track in special Track-days with limited number of contestants. One of the key moments to pay attention to is that You have to obtain driver license (level C or B) in advance for participation in championships.