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My goals are simple – to share my passion for driving with each and every client I have the pleasure of sitting with, to enthuse and inspire drivers and to show that driving on a racetrack can and should be safe and at the same time can bring incredible pleasure. I have two degrees. The first is a Master’s degree in engineering, by the second I am a coach in motorsport. Both help to explain how the physics of the car works, help to work with people of completely different backgrounds and experiences and to prepare individual programs for them.

At RingPro we try our hardest to ensure our customers get the most out of their tourist and track days with us. We have always encouraged even the most experienced drivers to have instruction. Our team knows exactly how to tailor our instruction technique dependant on the individuals level of experience, confidence and ability to learn. No matter what your intentions are, whether it is to just experience driving on a race track as a one off, or you dream to compete at 24-Hours Nurburgring our instructors can cater for every type of scenario.

Racing drivers, both current or budding, or those simply looking for more speed and consistency from their track driving, will learn a great deal coaching.

While spending your time at our place or just passing by ask us for a cup of coffee and lets discuss motorsport topic and all your possible questions about driving on a track. You are always welcome!


The following techniques will be focused on in a programme suited to develop and improve on your current level of skills:

Basic track/racing techniques

Positioning of the car on track

How to reduce your lap times

When and how hard to brake

Racing lines, for the dry and the wet

Weight transfer and how it affects the handling

How to correct or solve oversteer and understeer

Power and how this affects the overall corner speed

How important it is to be looking through the corner

Individual track secrets, acquired from years of experience

Our instructors can either be booked exclusively for a full tourist or track day and shared between few drivers, or conversely booked by the lap. If you wish to book a day, or a lap with an instructor please get in contact with the office on whats app +31643992666 &