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We are inviting you to start from the traditional meeting point from year to year – Nürburgring Nordschleife race track! Otherwise how can we deprive you of the opportunity to run against the wind on the historic German race track? And right after you will be amazed by Switzerland and not just because of delicious chocolate and cheese, but by taking a deep breath on the top of Swiss Alps. Boundless meadows of the Alps, swift rivers, snowy peaks of the mountains will impress with their originality.

What does first of all come to your mind, when you hear the word «serpentine»? Probably, you have thought about the road, which is full of steep and spectacular hairpins and going along the green slopes. You are competing just with yourself and mind, for getting over the path and reaching the top and at the same time enjoying many other breathtaking things!

These routes for sure can surprise you even if we can bet that you have seen a lot already! You will open the beauty of the roads and be surrounded exclusively by whispering springs, ringing bells and quietness.

Stop thinking and just challenge yourself to open new horizons!

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4 days 1500 km

Nürburgring – Trier – Interlaken – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Lugano – Konstanz – Trier – Nürburgring

Day 1

Our adventure starts from Nürburgring Nordschleife race track, where you will have few laps with personal instructor. Right after, we will drive to Trier where we will spend first night and have an amazing dinner. The hotel is located next to Mosel river and surrounded by forest and beautiful vineries.

Day 2

So the real adventure starts today! We are going to Switzerland and our first stop will be in Interlakken. There you will be amazed by serpentines, crystal freshwater lake and real Alps. The surprises have just started and the way is leading to the modern and cozy hotel near Grimsel Pass, located next to the lake and in the deep heart of Alps. On the way there will be few stops for keeping best views in your mind and photo cameras as well. Later the night sky will be full of stars and definitely you will see a falling star and make a wish!

Day 3

Next day starts with new serpentines and new cities. The trip continues with the visit of famous Furka Pass and driving through Airolo straight to adorable Lugano. That is Italian part of Switzerland, so you can open the country from another point of view. Lately, we will go back to Germany and spent a night in Konstanz, overlooking Bodensee lake. On the way you will challenge yourself with serpentines and have one more chance to feel yourself closer to the sky.

Day 4

Our trip goes to the end and we are slightly going back home.

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Only together with us you can have an amazing journey to the world of wine!

Not a lot of people know that Germany is full of vineyards and wineries. We are inviting you to go through all the path starting from the grape and finish with a charming drink. The magic starts in the morning, you will choose your way of transportation and you will have a ride through plantation, and also only with us you can fly and check the beauty of landscape from the height, which only the eagles can reach! When the dark will come, you will become a sommelier and learn more about that type of wine, which you prefer.

Tasty piece of meat and fresh fish is always better with the wine, which you chose by yourself and learnt the history!


3 days 815 km

3 days, breathtaking landscapes, fresh lakes, good talks and perfect emotions! Nürburgring – Bern – Interlaken – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Lugano!



6 days 1170 km

6 days, beautiful scenic routes to enjoy the cars, cultural capitals to relish the exquisite cuisine! Schweinfurt – Konstanz – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Gotthard Pass – Como – Monaco – Milan


3 days 815 km

3 days, breathtaking landscapes, fresh lakes, good talks and perfect emotions! Nürburgring – Bern – Interlaken – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Lugano!