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Hello! My name is Alexei Kovalchuk – master of sports and champion in Russia in Rally discipline, owner of successful suspension center in Russia, Moscow, KMS. I do professional motorsport already more than 20 years! And of course I know very well how to make suspension adjustment for different disciplines, starting from circuit and finishing with rally.

My passion for autosport started in my childhood, when I was mechanic in one racing team. After all I wanted to know and understand how does the driver feels the car, what kind of response it gives. This is how I started my path of a sportsman. I have more than 150 starts in rally and in circuit. I am multiple winner in different racing series in European and Russian championships. Participated in rally Saaremaa and also took part in World Rally Cup. Due to all of this I can feel the suspension response very well.

When I started my suspension center, I had internships in all leading companies, which are related to shocks manufacturing. My team can advise you what type of shock would be better for your case and also can take care and in case of something, repair nearly all problems.



If you need help to make a choice or you have any questions, we will be happy to help you and answer your questions!

Our goods

RingPro Suspension Center – is official representative of Reiger, Eibach, JRZ, Tractive, AST, DSC Sport, Drenth in Nürburgring and across whole Europe.

We provide reparation service of shocks, mounting, adjustment and development of better solutions for suspensions. We work with mechanical and programmable constructions.